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November 25,PM Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Random Quote: "Hey honey! Got a sister?! Welcome Guests! By viewing this site as a guest you are missing out on member only forums and other features. Melissa Susan Jennifer Sullivan. I was saddened to read she had passed away in at age Not sure if this was widely talked about at the time. Re: Melissa Susan Jennifer Sullivan.

Resident Evil Maven Lifeguard. I found a link. Doing some nosing around it seems to be right. This link lists the Boston Herald as the source. A certain "other Jason website" also has the same info. I won't link that out of respect for Foto hot susan sullivan. And it seems she passed away awhile ago, Aug.

What a damn shame. She was still pretty young. Her IMDb page only has a couple credits. I'm suprised she never did more work Is it possible that this is a different person? The name is common enough; that being said, the age could also coincide Head Counselor. That is sad. She was young too. I never herd about this until now. I'm watching her in Part 7 right now.

I don't think I heard about this either, so sad. She was great in Part 7, and hot. Someone mentioned on her IMDB page message board, that she passed away of cancer. She passed away way too young. From what everyone said on the CLM doc, she was a sweet person in real life. Totally unlike the Foto hot susan sullivan she played in Part VII. New Blood Posts: 6. They presented a link to an obituary oa an Susan jennifer Sullivan, who died in Boston in You also might probably know that there is a website about a "Ssusan Jennifer Grace Sullivan" that Foto hot susan sullivan with a woman that suffered from leukemia and you also might know that a girl called Mia posted on some F13 message boards that "our" Susan Jennifer Sullivan from TNB is still alive.

I have done a bit of investigating: Mia and her story seem to be legit. If you compare the nose, cheek and chin-area to "Melissa from part 7" you will see the resemblances. As I said before: Compare the nose, the cheecks, eyes etc. According to the Gattaca-Page on imdb. On the "graceandletters. If that was her then she must have moved to Boston and married Ed K. Taylor sometime after That obituary says nothing about her first marriage as well as her daughter Mia or her former acting career.

Yes, people can change in 20 years or 5 years if we compare the pics from the Simone-premiere in and assume that Amy anderson naked boob s pics from the obituary are from around the years that "the other" SJS died.

Sure, that could be a wig she is wearing, but come on Again: If someone can definitly proof that this obituary belongs to the former actress Susan Jenifer Sullivan you are allowed to Foto hot susan sullivan me an idiot! The "walk of faith" on graceandletters. It think someone on this board or somewhere else claimed that graceandletters.

Why would someone try to fake a website like that? I think that is highly unlikely. Since the graceandletters-website including the relevant entries of relatives and friends in the guestbook has no new info on her since according to the waybackmachine it was updated in there is a slight possibility of her death after that date.

But the death rumours from Crystal Lake memories Foto hot susan sullivan made in Foto hot susan sullivan I will NOT link the results I found since they gave away exact adresses I already feel bad for giving away this info! Now heres my question and my theory: If a person was dead for several years, would the public records still be available on such websites?

I do not think so! Why did the Crystal Lake Memories guys provide the info with Nice black ebony girls pics death: Bad journalism! But SJS is a rather common name and that pics on the obituaries do not Foto hot susan sullivan any resemblances.

The guys from the documentary probably did not Foto hot susan sullivan anything and jumped the gun when they saw this obituary in the google-results. Why is there no clarification from the real SJS on this? The graceandletters. Of course religion and beliefs are strong allies when battling cancer. Maybe she has a different sight on her horror-movie career now because of that. Maybe she "moved on". The "death-news" from the Crystal Lake Memories guys was linked by a lot of horror-websites Yes, it would be "helpful" for us if there was an "official" statement from SJS on a F13ht website like this one or through an horror-convention.

Rejoice everybody. I have an update: I found her mother on facebook. Will not release details how Foto hot susan sullivan did it for privacy reasons. Susan Jennifer Sullivan herself does not have to have an Facebook account herself I have to make a big statement and a request here : That facebook page is the page of her mother and not an official "I am a movie star, come and ask me about my past and publish all my private photos on some message-boards or website" page.

Therefore, I will NOT give out the link to that facebook-page in public nor will I post those pictures except the facebook-conservation later. I sure would not want someone to use my private pics without my permission and I am sure you would not like that as well. I really do not want to mess with the privacy of her family.

I sure hope I get an "okay" to post some pics or even get her to make contact with the public. Time will tell. I also ask "the casual fan" who might stumble on this facebook-page to be respectful and refrain from contacting her. I doubt that she wants to be contacted by dozens of fans who ask the same questions. And If you ignore my request: For gods sake be polite and respectful!!!!! ALSO: I do not think it would be a good idea to contact her via graceandletters and the guestbook on that page.

This page is about a different part of her life and I doubt that it would be wisely if we Foto hot susan sullivan it. I contacted her mother and asked her if her daugther was an actress and starred in Friday the 13th VII. I asked if she was aware of the "death newz".

Today I got the response I just asked her if she was aware of the internet-rumours and if the media or former co-stars tried to contact her. Will I get an answer to that? I do not know. What will happen Foto hot susan sullivan While I whish and hope that she comes out of hiding, makes appearances on conventions and gives interviews on webpages we have to respect whatever she wants. I just made her mother aware of the internet-buzz and we have to see what happens.

The "alive and well" answer just made my day and is confirmation enough. Everything is good. Please help me to clear this thing up! I contacted CLM on facebook via private-message but Foto hot susan sullivan might try to post a direct comment on the page later. I already contacted imdb and aksed to get the "married to ED K Taylor till her death" stuff to be removed.

It would help if others would do the same.

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