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Merry Christmas to those that celebrate!! This Pantyhose encasement encased in the same originally posted in We were in the Christmas spirit so I used saran wrap and mummify Red Diamond to a chair. Originally we were going to have her laying on the coffee table but that proved harder to do than we expected, so once her upper body is wrapped I gag her on screen with a big white ball gag and then I have her wobble Pantyhose encasement encased in the same to the chair across the room which I found to be amusing.

I saran wrap her to the chair which proves to be extremely effective. She is wearing a festive all in one girdle and heels when we start the process and holiday music is playing in the background and we are just being playful through the first half by the end she is completely mummified to the chair from the top of her head to the bottoms of her heels in saran wrap and the radio is off. I also tape her to the chair with more duct tape and holiday packaging tape.

Next I put Pantyhose encasement encased in the same big shop wrag in her mouth the music has been turned off by now and I use the saran wrap to hold it in. I go Pantyhose encasement encased in the same over her face and around her head and over her head with it. The only thing I leave untouched are her nostrils so she can breathe. Then I wrap duct tape around her head over and over again, and tape her for a bit before returning to add more duct tape across her eyes and around her chin.

Her boyfriend is due over in a few hours so turn out the main light and leave her there so he can find her! Crystal Frost is escorted in by the creepy couple. Their necks are tied together as Dixie begins to tape them up.

JJ has been nipple clamped with clothespins and Crystal manages to use her mouth to remove them. Their mouths are stuffed with 3 colorful socks and tape is wrapped around their heads. They get stocking caps and then tape over that and then they are left to struggle in the cellar. Will they finally be able Pantyhose encasement encased in the same escape this crazy couple or not? The pretty leggy local girl Illustrious Rogue struggles in leg irons, rigid cuffs, elbow Wife swapping for sex in belen and a ballgag that is almost 3 inches for less than two minutes.

I come in and remove her leg irons and tie her ankles, remove her elbow cuffs and tie her elbows, but leave her cuffs on. I take her ballgag out, wipe her face, stuff her mouth and then wrap very tight vetwrap as a cleave. She struggles on the sofa before she gets to the ground and gets hogtied.

She can even roll over her in her hogtie, so I help her with that. Then I add more vetwrap over her gag. Pantyhose encasement encased in the same I let her out of the hogtie, help her sit back up and then put her into a Hot nude girls with big tits tattoos. I remove her horrible gag and put an enormous pair of panties in her mouth, really enormous.

I put a stocking over her head and then keep those panties in with electrical tape. I do ungag her on screen at the end and ask a couple of questions.

Julie Simone is a pro domme that has been hired to keep JJ out of the way temporarily. She drags the half tied up women into the scene and starts to tie her to a ring above. Once up in the air Julie puts a 3 inch ballgag between JJs legs and leaves her there swinging. GG keeps her elbows tied for over 20 minutes. This is my VERY first attempt at a suspension.

GG came to visit and she had a cute screen saver on her phone. A pin up in a strappado tipped over and tied to a pole. I tried if out of her in her pjs the night before but told her that I would do the tie to her in a clip, but that from there Winx club futa porn comics would suspend her. I think she thought I was kidding.

Her hair is Pantyhose encasement encased in the same up above. I help her hop over to the other pole. I tie her elbows together and tip her over and tie her arms to the Pantyhose encasement encased in the same. She is trying to grasp the pole with her hands so I tape up her fingers.

I add a crotch rope and she knows what is coming next and starts to freak out. I told her the night before that if I did the position she wanted that I would get to suspend her like that. I start to pull her legs up. She uses all of her strength to keep her feet planted firmly on the ground.

The sadist in me is totally amused at how freaked out she is, because I know she is safe since I added an extra rope to pull up her chest.

Once I have her legs tied I start to think they can go up higher, so I untie them and hike them up even more. I push her legs so she swings from the pole and she freaks out even more. I let her legs down and ask her how it went. She said she was terrified but it gave her the WF. Vicious Vamp came for a visit. She absolutely loves to enjoy some tight bondage without the damsel in distress aspect so I decided to strap her up while she Pantyhose encasement encased in the same wearing a lace and sheer outfit.

I ask her a few questions before ballgagging her. I tape up her big beautiful natural breasts and strap her arms up tightly. I regag her with a sponge, electrical tape and a strap. She struggles for a while before I come back and hogtape her, remove the strap from the gag leaving the sponge and electrical tape there and then putting a pair of white satin panties over her head and adding the strap.

She moans beautifully on the floor enjoying her bondage. JJ wanders around the basement with her boobs tied up, a 3 inch ballgag between her teeth, and her elbows and wrists tied.

She goes up a set of stairs and opens the door, only for her captor to see her. She tries to run but he grabs her and throws her on Pantyhose encasement encased in the same couch.

He man man handles her and gets her to her knees. He gets more rope and Pantyhose encasement encased in the same removes her giant ballgag. He takes packing tape and wraps it tightly around her head. He adds rope to her ankles and then bends her over and ties her in a tight ball.

Once he has her in the ball he grabs her boobs some more and adds clothepins to her nipples and he leaves her there. She thinks she is trapped that way but then rolls over onto her side.

Amanda and Crystal Frost are tied to a bench in a garage. The two struggle for a bit before JJ pulls their shirts down to their bras. Then they are regagged but when JJ tries to gag Amanda Crystal keeps getting in the way…JJ solves this by adding more rope and pulling Crystal back on the Pantyhose encasement encased in the same making her bondage more uncomfortable.

Amanda gets her mouth struffed with a big pair of panties but since there is still room Pantyhose encasement encased in the same JJ adds a sock.

Then it is Crystals turn- she gets a bit pair of panties and then vetwrap wrapped around her head. She is released from being pulled back and the two get their boobs pulled out of their bras and pegged.

Then they are tied closer together at the waist and finally at the neck and left to struggle. After the credits the two are shown taking off their own gags.

This is the first clip Julie and I shot when she arrived in town. Please excuse my lack of eye makeup. She has really made a name Pantyhose encasement encased in the same herself as a pro domme and rigger, but her fans have been asking to see her in bondage…. We are sitting partially tied on an ottoman. We both get black ballgags that fit our mouths quite nicely and some more rope is added. We wriggle Pantyhose encasement encased in the same on the ottoman for a bit before Tony comes back in and removes our gags.

We get panties stuffed in our mouths, I get microfoam tape wrapped Pantyhose encasement encased in the same my head and Julie gets ace bandage. We struggle for before we are told to get to the floor where we are hogtied nice and tight and then we struggle around on the floor.

I was expecting Julie Simone later that night so I put her to work cleaning. Of course I had to put her in bondage and a sexy little outfit to get the job done. She Pantyhose encasement encased in the same wearing leg irons, a waist chain and cuffs in front so she can do the job. She is gagged with an enormous black ballgag that she wears for 12 minutes!!

She is wearing a hottbonds shiny skirt, satin, blouse, sheer to waist hosiery and black satin heels. She dusts the furniture but I catch her sitting on the job. I unbutton her blouse and add nipple clamps and clothespins. She heads into the powder room to clean the sink and then I have her head back to the sofa where I make her uncuff herself and then tie up her ankles and add an armbinder made of the same material as her skirt.

I wrap rope around it and cinch it to her little body. I take out the big ballgag and swap it for a big pair of satin panties and then wrap her head with clear packing tape.

I pull her chest Pantyhose encasement encased in the same and tie her that way. I rarely do this tie because I hate it so much myself. I can tell she is miserable, but oh well. She struggles for a bit before I return and add very tight electrical tape to her gag. I tell her she can stay that way until Julie arrives. Powered by N'Tense Productions. A Christmas Encasement December 26th,

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