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Link: Copy link. Hope you like it! Over the following seven days, a diligent band of Internet censors had been working around the Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude to take down the hundreds upon hundreds of X-rated images being uploaded to various blogs and social media platforms Playboy girls big boobs the hour.

Highly pixelated snaps were shown on TV news shows the world over, while smartly dressed anchors reported on the story in every native language known to mankind. And sure enough, it did. There were approaches for movie roles, invites to pose nude for Playboy and seven figure offers from Brazzers for her first professional shoot, not to mention invitations from famous people across the United States, offering up the vast space of their plush green backyards for her next A-list orgy.

While trawling through her emails one day, Taylor happened Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude one such offer that stood out from the rest.

It was from her old friend Carrie Underwood. Taylor was intrigued. Since moving to Los Angeles, Taylor had returned to Nashville for little more than the occasional awards show or the southern leg of a nationwide tour, and the fair-haired popstar declared that it would be great to see and perhaps sit on some of the old Tennessee faces once again.

As such, the two singers exchanged emails for a number of weeks and when the date was finally decided upon, Taylor booked the penthouse suite at the swankiest, most expensive Nashville hotel she could find and texted her girls; seeing who fancied a trip to the Deep South. A shiny stretch limo pulled into the large hangar at a private Los Angeles airstrip. A door opened and a succession of designer stiletto heels and expensive high-top sneakers planted themselves one by one on Mature slut fucking at party smooth tarmac as Taylor Swift and her A-list chums exited the long black vehicle.

The pilot and co-pilot were stood atop the Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude white stairwell as they Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude to greet their morning passengers.

They wore neatly pressed navy blue suits with matching peaked hats, and were incredibly handsome; both men sporting the piercing eyes, pearly white teeth, immaculately trimmed stubble and chiseled jawlines of a pair of Calvin Klein models. Taylor Swift and her friends crossed the lengthy runway toward the private plane, wheeling Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude them large Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana suit cases as they went. Taylor marched out in front; the popstar dressed to kill in a set of denim short shorts, a cropped white vest top and a spindly set of Gucci stilettos.

The outfit was nearly indecently skimpy; the frayed hems of her jean shorts struggling to cover the beach bronzed spheres of her peachy round butt, while her stiff pink nipples threatened to burst clean through the thin white fabric of her tight-fitting vest top.

Her golden hair bounced majestically as she walked; the thick, shiny locks washed and re-washed with all kinds of expensive shampoos and conditioners before being styled meticulously with the singers impressive arsenal of hairdryers, flatirons and curling tongs.

All manner of costly powders, foundations and eye shadows had been dabbed across her Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude cleansed skin. Full nude in hairy pussy tamil pink gloss gave her full, puckered lips an alluring shine, while dark mascara teased out her carefully curled eyelashes to a length that Jessica Rabbit would be proud of.

In fact, the girls seemed to be in direct competition as to who could showcase the most skin; the private airstrip a rolling plain of snug-fitting tops, belt-thin micro mini-skirts, sunkissed flesh, toned arms and ab-lined midsections.

Not to mention bright blue eyes, shiny white teeth, Nude beach thumb gallery lips, bleach blonde hair dye, jet black mascara, glistening pink lip gloss, designer sunglasses and expensive jewelry. Some even turned around and rubbed their barely-covered ass cheeks teasingly against the crotches of their skinny-fit suit pants; the resulting rush of blood to the loins leaving neither man fit to pilot a tandem bicycle, much less an aircraft.

Nevertheless, the flight went ahead as scheduled and the girls funnelled into the private jet, taking to their seats as the pilot prepared for take off. The plane gave new meaning to the word luxury. The tables were crafted from exquisite English oak and glazed with the finest lacquers known to man. The chairs were made from plush cream leather, adorned with scatter cushions hand sewn from the smoothest Chinese silk, and had enough leg room to seat an NBA center.

As the jet took to the air, the ladies finished the last of their alcoholic coffees and waited patiently for the next course.

As a matter Free full adult dating fact, the advantages of flying Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude over commercial even the first class to which the ladies were accustomed were inumerable.

No waiting in line to check in, no irritating kids pestering them for autographs and, most importantly, no airport security. As the girls knew all too well, LAX was stocked to the brim with overweight security guards; each one Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude than willing to risk a sacking and sexual assault charge in order to give the A-list beauties a thorough and vastly inappropriate pat down at the gates. And by flying privately, they were bypassing the lot of them.

But, most of all, it meant drugs. In fact, that was just the beginning. Before long, the ladies were popping Molly, Oxy, and a host of other colourful pills like they were Skittles; swallowing them down Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude mouthfuls of JD and Coke and swigs from tall mojitos.

Not to mention passing around a Matterhorn of cocaine and hoovering up lines like state of the art vacuum cleaners. After 30 solid minutes of large scale narcotics consumption, the girls had worked up considerable appetites and, as the jet soared Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude New Mexico, lunch was served. No- the ladies were dining on nothing but the best. Freshly caught lobster, sauteed portobello mushrooms, roasted eggplant and goat cheese stuffed tomatoes were just some of the highlights Mature woman with hairy armpits their luxurious gourmet meal.

Followed by a freshly baked Tiramisu worthy of a Michelin-starred Roman eatery and all washed down with bottles of vintage champagne. And still the liquor continued to flow. Next up was the wine course and the air hostesses brought out six glass tumblers accompanied by a selection of the finest Chiantis and Pinot Grigios west of Tuscany. The ladies sipped the fine wine, passing around joints as they chatted amongst themselves.

They discussed a wide range of different topics; music, movies, hair, grooming, makeup, clothes, dieting, working out, food, drink, drugs, friends, sex. Mostly sex, and after numerous bottles and countless marijuana cigarettes, somebody suggested a game of Truth or Dare. The girls nursed glasses filled near to the brim with expensive Italian wine, passing around a mountain of cocaine atop a small mirror as the game got underway.

How many Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude were at your last party? More cheers and applause. A stewardess brought out a bottle of Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude and the girls took shots between glasses of wine, passing around weed and cocaine like Miami drug barons as they asked one another a whole host of sex-related questions. How many times a day do you masturbate?

How many dildos do you own? Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude many times can you squirt in ten minutes? The ladies cheered. Minato 64 Really excited for this one.

Dyldom Really enjoyed the last one, so definitely looking forward to this one, will it include some of Taylor's other friends too? Dyldom wrote: Really enjoyed the last one, so definitely looking forward to this one, will it include some of Taylor's other friends too? I wish I could be involved in the writing! I love orgy stories, and I really want to see much more detail with this one. Inside, Taylor and her celebrity pals manned the plush leather seating; grazing a buffet of seafood hors d'oeuvres and passing around joints as they nursed freshly mixed Pornstar Martinis and Tequila Manhattans.

She wore a figure-hugging Chicago Bulls jersey; the tight-fitting top cropped just below the chest, showcasing her beach tanned midriff in all its flat, ab-lined glory.

On her bottom half she wore a denim mini-skirt; the scanty garment barely extending past Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude round, shapely orbs of her sunkissed apple bottom, her long, smoothly waxed legs travelling all the way down to a pair of expensive looking red and black Nike Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude. A matching Bulls snapback was pulled backward over her exquisitely styled, carefully slicked back, bottle blonde Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude, while all manner of golden trinkets graced every extremity and appendage of her hot young body.

Shiny carat rings adorned her lengthy nailed fingers. Diamond necklaces, thick bracelets, designer bangles and gold plated watches hung around her neck and ringed her dainty wrists, while all kinds of golden studs, hoops and barbels gleamed in her navel and tongue, and dangled from her earlobes. Ryan could scarcely believe the sheer amount of flesh on display. Ryan trusted the abilities of his colleague and knew he was perfectly capable of manning the aircraft solo.

It was simply huge; eight inches long with girth to match. A big set of balls hung at the base; the giant pair already bulging and Video of matur fuck with a copious load of thick, creamy spunk brewing inside.

Indian hot aunty bathing xxx complex network of veins and capillaries run up and down the length of his shaft; criss crossing along the way like train tracks, while the head was swollen up the size of a ping pong ball; a rock pool of diluted precum glistening in the wide open tip. Miley licked her lips in anticipation of the thick, girthy wand; reaching up and gripping it at the base as she gazed up longingly at the handsome stud looming above her.

She stroked the shaft, wrapping her lips around the swollen pink head and guiding them back and forth, feeling his crown twitch and throb as she did so. Miley bobbed her pretty head; her thick, pouty lips venturing past his helmet and down to the top Taylor squirt carrie underwood nude his shaft, a soft, velvety hand travelling up and down his dick, while the other reached down to fondle his balls.

Ryan stood still like a statue; rooted to the spot as the horny songstress worked him over like a seasoned pro. Her lips roamed up and down his shaft as she blew him; her drooling mouth generating more suction than a top of the range Dyson. He moaned and groaned; the hunky co-pilot cooing like a wounded animal as he was sucked nigh on into a coma by the skilled young blonde.

A hand kneaded and caressed his oversized balls, while the other rested on his thigh; her long red nails digging into the muscular appendages as she worked him over with her mouth. Ryan was in seventh heaven. Indeed, the naughty popstar reeled of every technique in the blowjob handbook over the duration of her world class suckjob; performing each and every one with the skill and expertise of an experienced pornstar.

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