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Universally known as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, Scarlett Johansson has actually been acting professionally since the age of eight.

A native of New York City, where she was born on November 22,Johansson was raised -- along with her twin brother -- as the youngest of four children, and she developed an interest in acting at the age of three. Her film debut followed inwhen she had a supporting role in North, and she subsequently appeared in the little-seen Just Cause and If Lucy Fell Although the film met with a very mixed reception, Johansson was widely praised for her portrayal of a girl who loses her leg and her best friend in a horrific accident.

Inthe actress signed on to Scarlett johansson captain america one of the heroines alongside Thora Birch of Terry Zwigoff's screen adaptation of Ghost World, Daniel Clowes' celebrated comic about the adventures of two teen girls grappling with post-high school life. That same year, she starred in American Rhapsody, in which she portrayed a young girl who escapes communist Hungary in the s and travels to the U. Though she would take Scarlett johansson captain america brief detour into camp with the giant spider Scarlett johansson captain america Eight Legged Freaks, the respect Johansson had gained in the film industry as a result of her previous dramatic roles found the young actress in high demand among indie directors while quickly catching the eye of the Hollywood elite.

With Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation, Johansson's touching performance as a young girl who strikes a tentative friendship with a washed-up American actor memorably portrayed by Bill Murray left no doubts regarding her dramatic skills, and although a Best Actress Oscar Black indian hot nude eluded her, she received a boatload of nods from critics' groups and the Golden Globes.

The rising starlet was soon cast in the lead of such subsequent films as The Girl with the Pearl Earring and The Perfect Score While the picture was panned by critics and avoided by audiences, it did nothing to slow the young star down.

She closed out the year by receiving virtually unanimous praise for her performance in Woody Allen's Match Point. Johansson would spend the next several years enjoying her status as an A-list actress, appearing in a wide range of projects, like The Nanny Diaries and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Inshe joined The Avengers as Natasha Romanoff, playing the character in several more films in the series.

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