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I always think its bizarre how there is often random nudity in many kung fu movies. Especially shaw brothers. Sometimes the film seems like a wacky comedy and its cute and sweet with jokes little kids will love.

Then there is random boobs or whatever. And then its like crap hope my Amy thai massage xxx porn video isnt going to walk in!

Or I cannot watch it with my nephew. A lot of martial arts movies you can watch with your little nephews or other kids, but sometimes you watch a movie and then a guy is randomly pouring wine on a prostitutes boobs and hes like "Wine mixed with milk tastes much better! It's more Nude girls in kung fu I can't remember the movie but I laughed so hard. The story was all virtuous and seemed all moral but then the Nude girls in kung fu guy is a womanizer.

You just can't tell with Shaw Brothers Kung Fu!!! Was a really good story too and I loved how he was bullied so hard but overcame it and showed the people how wrong they were about him. Also I was really sad when the master guy died. He dressed up like a girl for no reasona nd lost his gold tails!! Another movie that comes to mind is 5 Kung Fu Darevils I think. I think its the same movie I am thinking of but they open Nude girls in kung fu door in some place and there is a naked chick tied up and it made no sense.

I never understood what that was supposed to be. The Big Boss comes to mind. I think that was my first nude I've seen in a kung fu movie as a small child. I didn't mind though,hahahhahahahahahhahahahahah! Killer Clans Has nudity that is not excessive as it is a part of the story, but I think earlier on it would have been more suggested rather than seeing actual female bodies. It is a great movie, but it starts out with a sex scene early on and then has a rape scene that I felt was excessive, but I think at that time there was the exploitation thing going on.

Clans of Intrigue has a lesbian scene that is part of the plot near the middle of the film that actually does show a relationship and betrayal.

So it is not entirely gratuitous. I think it's a cultural thing, imo I think Americans are way to uptight when it comes to nudity, but hey Nude girls in kung fu were the puritans. We're no where near as bad as a Muslim country though. Japan was even worse with a lot of nudity even on tv, With the Mainland takeover of HK, China has seemed to tighten the reins on nudity lately.

JApan too to an extent on tv at least. Dude I remember that. I think I saw Chinese Connection and I was Nude girls in kung fu that chick is all dancing showing her boobs with Nude girls in kung fu on her nipples and her butt is show.

Also I think my dad saw it when he woke up as I was watching it. I said oh umm ok I dont know A lot of Brucesploitation has weird sex scenes or rape scenes.

I really hate it when they have rape scenes its gross man. The way the movies are filmed is so different from western films of its time as well. Japan too to an extent on tv at least. Well for me I watched the martial arts movies for the fighting and not because I want to watch porn or sex on film or whatever.

Also as a kid and a young teen I could get in HUGE trouble an not be allowed to watch awesome fighting movies. I kind of think its a good thing to not have Drop dead gorgeous nude brunette watching tons of sex and naked chicks and rape scenes on movies.

Movies like The Master mentioned above literally could have been a very cool family movie with great values taught but there is an out of place brothel scene. They could have mentioned the bad guy was a womanizr without that but they threw the scene in there to get people to wanna watch it more. So I Nude girls in kung fu to find movies I can watch with my little nephew an I thought this could be one but im like Nooope!

Since when does nudity equate porn? I'll agree with you on the rape scenes. If the nudity bothers you, you might want to seek out the made for Nude girls in kung fu dubbed cuts, I was actually surprised to see nudity in Shaw Brothers movies as I grew up watching them on tv. He may want to skip Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan too it would be missing out on an Paris teen model pics movie though, especially for the fighting.

Iron Fisted Monk could do without the two rapes scenes, the first one's bad enough. I just stick my finger on the fast forward button if such scenes are prolonged or done in bad taste.

The Tattoo Connection has a lot of nudity thrown in but there's no sexual violence. The U. V cut removed all the nude scenes and maybe some of the violence too?. There are various things peple enjoy in movies. Some enjoy nudity and sex scenes and its entertainment factor plus kung fu fighting i none movie. Others do not want to watch that and simply love martial arts.

Also people have different moral perspectives on what you should watch. You know certain religions etc. Then there are kids who want to Nude girls in kung fu awesome fights, but honestly kids should not be seeing sex or nudity like that, they are too Nude girls in kung fu. I just brought this up because I find it a bit amusing or bizarre how a movie can have kid humor and stupid things and also be quite clean but then randomly there is some sexual stuff.

So its like a contrast in the same movie which is quite unusual. Also you can never tell since these movies are not rated and no description given. Its just a surprise. When he flies out of the bathrub I laugh soooo hard and rewind it a Nude girls in kung fu. Its hilarious. I don't think most of these movies were made for kids in the first place, I'm under the opinion the violence is worse than the Foto bugil angela angel, once again I can do without the rape scenes all together.

I wasn't saying they were made for kids. I was just Nude girls in kung fu they are movies with tons of Nude girls in kung fu you could watch with various ages. I am not saying its a family movie or whatever.

It was so random. I think that the culture of the time lead to exploitation when they were able to show those types of things finally. For example if you go Nude girls in kung fu old school to A touch of Zen, they weren't able to show anything except the man and the woman in the room briefly with their clothes on. When the woman had a baby later that was his I was like how did Nude girls in kung fu even happen!!!??

They weren't able to show anything around that time frame. I think that the rape scenes can also sneak up on you. The scene wasn't graphic Asian naughty america website it was disturbing. Chen Kuan-Tai marries Lily Li's character and she wont sleep with him after the marriage unless her can pry her legs open. She is trying to show her style of Kung Fu is better than his.

He doesn't get anything for a few days, until her father tells him to hit her pressure points and it paralyses her so she can't fight back. I guess he had to do something because all of Sex in mumbai central buddies were teasing him for sleeping outside the bedroom. They don't show nudity but the cut away with her screaming no. There's also subtle stuff like now I am watching Return of the Sentimental Swordsman and there is a scene where Ching Li is trying to seduce Fu Sheng to get him to kill Ti Lung, and she starts to take off her clothes and he says something like I have heard you are like that and you think he wont succumb, but then he slaps her face hard and starts to take off his clothes and then she says "oh you are a hero for a while I though you didn't like women".

One case that bugged me was Legend Of The Bat. What the hell was that thing with the four lady assassins about? They are caught in a fishing net nakedare sent somewhere to be cured and strike before being killed - and NEVER does anyone figure they could use some clothes. The worst part is they were featured on Nude girls in kung fu for the movie. True I totally forgot that. That was so bizarre and had nothing serious to do with the Plot!! Exploitation I bet they were on the lobby cards!

Entice them Nude girls in kung fu with about 1 minute of random nudity!! I actually have one of those lobby cards on my computer the real thing would be nice, but it must cost some big money.

And it shows them dead There is another scene like executioners in the movie Disciples of the 36th Chamber. The mother publicly keeps her legs closed in a demonstration against a bad Manchu who wants her to be his wife. She does the whole wing chung stance and he cannot get her legs open. Also there is no nudity int he Executioners an I didn't think it was a tasteless rape scene because they were married and it was a test of his strength and his reward would be to consummate the marriage.

I don't think it was necessarily rape. I think its funny how kids, like literal children idolize Bruce Lee or other guys, and I have to think, did they even actually SEE these movies?

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