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Femdom Ass rape and what is that? Depending on the Dominatrix doing it, there are various explanations and definitions. For example, some Dommes think that anal raping is different than the regular femdom strapon torture. They say Forced anal tourture slave domination if you want to consider something a rape, it has to be done to a guy that never had experience with the female domination.

They are not counting the regular slaves as potential rape victims. Yet, some other Dommes says that it is not important who is the object of femdom ass fucking as long as he is pegged near some public place where someone can easily see them. Still, there are Goddesses that are considering every anal penetration against the will of a pegged slave as a form of femdom rape. Personally, that feeling of domination over men, while they are getting it in the ass, is good enough for me.

And I was right. One of their latest updates perfectly fits most of the descriptions above. Strapon heartbreaker and pegging Dominatrix, Sidonia Von Bork is on the humiliation rampage once again. Armed with a very big strapon, MIstress dragged out her slave. With a leather collar Forced anal tourture slave domination a gag inside his mouth, the naked guy is easily controlled.

Years of femdom experience contribute to such easy slave manipulation. Once strapon goddess picked up the proper place, she told him to bend over. A slave tried to say something but that sounds Forced anal tourture slave domination like some kind of unexplained mumbling.

He probably tried to beg for mercy for the last time before his Goddess starts strap on fuck humiliation. The size of the strapon is also picked well. You need to have a pretty big strap-on if you want to rape someone. Fucked in the woods doggystyle, BDSM slave will remember because of one more thing.

And that is a feeling of having a dick locked inside the chastity device. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Femdom Ass Rape. Femdom Ass Rape Photos. The English Mansion. Related Posts. Add Comment Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next Forced anal tourture slave domination I comment.

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