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Now I have to admit… I have fucked my share of men. I've fucked guys in high school, guys I've met in college and men I picked up in bars, etc. And in all those fucks, I've always made sure the guys used condoms… always, even in Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt heat of passion. Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt condom… no fuck… no exceptions.

I didn't want to catch any disease, and I also didn't want to get knocked up with a baby. And I don't take the pill.

When I made the decision to fuck my brother, I knew he wasn't wearing a condom, but I didn't care! This was my brother…. My sweet, darling little brother… and I wanted his first time to be extra special. I wanted him to experience the pure feeling of a girl's soft pussy wrapped around his cock, skin-to-skin! And I guess you Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt say that I was virgin too… this was the first time I've felt the naked skin of a cock in my pussy!

I'm gonna…" "Ohhhh Mark! Don't stop, Baby! Keep fucking me! Come on, fuck me! Fuck your big sister, Baby! This was why incest was so taboo, right? A brother is not supposed to fuck his very own sister and spew his potent, fertilizing sperm deep into her pussy!

I grabbed his face and held it between my hands. Our moans, grunts, and screams fell silent. Our panting breaths were the only sounds that filled the room at that moment, as I looked down into his eyes and he looked up into mine… he was ready and so was I. This was so, so wrong. We both knew it, but could we stop now? Tg caption mind control bother screamed as his big, fat cock exploded Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt a canon, Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt huge canon balls of gooey, sperm-filled cum deep into my pussy.

As soon as I felt it, I stopped my fucking motion and dropped down, burring his geyser-spewing cock as far as it could go up my tight cunt. I Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt his cock spasms from my outer pussy lips all the way up deep within me, its rippling effect teasing the ultra-sensitive flesh of my internal cunt wall. I screamed out in orgasm too, gushing out pussy nectar all around his cock, as I felt his hot sperm soak my insides.

Our eyes remained locked, sharing the out-of-control fever of our incestuous lust. Deep within my womb, I felt the overwhelming warmth of my brother's semen. The warmth spread from Fucked mature housewife in kitchen womb and permeated my entire body.

I felt as if my very being, my very soul, was being bathed in a warm shower of rich, creamy semen. It was Mark's semen. Mark's life-giving liquid of love. Oh God! I had never experienced anything like this before! My heart was beating so hard, and I felt his heart beating in harmony as I slumped forward, smashing my big tits against his chest. From deep within, waves of emotions started washing Photo wanita bugil lagi hamil me.

I immediately felt for this beautiful young male who had just mated me. Mark was so caught up in the heat of the moment, that he probably didn't realize the significance of what he had done, but I knew all to well. By fucking me so thoroughly with his magnificent Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt and giving me the most incredible orgasms of my life, Little Bro had conquered me for his very own.

By cumming so deeply within my pussy, fully soaking my womb with his precious young sperm, Little Bro had marked me for life as his woman.

My orgasm was subsiding, but I was surprised as I felt Mark's Free amateur naked video clips cock still Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt pumping and spewing deep within my pussy. My God! My little brother was still cumming! I caressed his face and kissed it all over. My words were not the hardcore, dirty talk of a few minutes ago. I now spoke softly and naturally to him, whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

His godly cock was still spewing its potent, young sperm deep into me. That's it… Cum for me, Baby. Cum for Sissy!

I told him that he was the greatest lover ever, and then I whispered those three little words that I had never said to any man before… "I love you. Who knew I would find that man on this very day?

I kissed him then, but not just any kiss… it was a type of kiss reserved only for lovers… the way a young bride kisses her new husband on the night of their wedding when they are finally alone in their bridal suite.

I felt Mark slump back onto the couch after his orgasm subsided, and I fell forward onto him. I mashed my big titties on his scrawny chest and I could feel our sweat lubricating our torsos.

Although his cock had softened, it was still big enough to remain fully stuffed in my pussy. I could Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt our mixed fuck juices seeping out from my pussy and coating his balls and thighs. What a feeling! I wrapped Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt arms around his neck and continued kissing him.

I paused now and then to tell Mark I loved him, and Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt he whispered those same three words back to me, tears flowed from my eyes. He wasn't just saying it just for the Hell of it either.

Mark spoke truly from his heart. By the look in his eyes, the emotion I saw there, I knew he fell in love with me too. I've always loved my little brother, but it wasn't supposed to be like this. I wasn't supposed to fall in love with him!

But you know how chicks are… Sometimes, we can get so emotional when it comes to sex, especially when it was as special as it was on that day, at that moment. I kissed him again, still straddling his lap with his cock buried deep in my pussy. It felt so right to be joined so intimately with him. We spent the remainder of that time in that position, kissing and necking, and whispering sweet love to each other.

As I've said, this all happened several months ago, and since then, I've been totally exclusive with my baby Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt. We fuck as often as we can. But we don't have sex like you would with someone who is simply a booty-call… we have sex the way lovers do, true lovers. I wish Feeling sperm filling my fertile cunt could move away to another city or state, or maybe another country, and take him with me to some place where no one would know that we are siblings.

Then we wouldn't have to hide. But we have friends and family here who would be angry and hurt if we left or if they found out about us, especially Mom. My brother and I need to stop, but we can't. And I'm not sure what to do about it. So there you have it. That's my story. Kisses, Cindy. Report Story.

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