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But no, these are the good kind of selfies, because when you take a photo of yourself many times there will be something you forgot about sitting somewhere behind you or someone photobombing you. Though this type of incident can take place anywhere, the worst possible and most likely place to happen has to be the bathroom. Oh but wait, they did get uploaded.

Everybody knows that when the time comes to take a dump then there are no second thoughts, you just have to go whatsoever. But when your granddaughter asks for help, if you love her which I bet the grandma in the Black girl taking selfie in bathroom naked above does very much, you would do anything they ask you to.

Getting your grandma to lift you up in order to take a selfie is one thing but standing in a toilet to get leverage is another. Next time just stand on a chair or something a little more discrete than a freaking toilet. When the lighting is perfect so will be the picture be too, right? Is it just that damn difficult? Obviously, it must be for Black girl taking selfie in bathroom naked because she keeps on posing for her amazing selfie.

Help the child, you psychotic woman! In my opinion, that girl already had it all. When you use the liquify tool in Photoshop you must always be careful not to mess up your surroundings because then it is very easy to spot that the image has been retouched.

I Black girl taking selfie in bathroom naked what her friends commented on the picture when she uploaded it. Sadly, the protagonist of the picture thought otherwise and decided to use the toilet paper as a sexy prop!? I guess the toilet would be relatively fine but why did she think the paper would arouse her male followers? At least she gave it a go but unfortunately did not succeed. I can tell by the air pusher on the right. Even more awkward Black girl taking selfie in bathroom naked us viewers is that the mother has also taken off her shirt and thrusts forwards to capture a better-looking photo.

Well the result, except tragic, is also something that got talked about between thousands of people. Via: College Humour. Just move or ask her to lean the other way. Is it that difficult to do? Or better yet, go and tend to your sad friend who looks like she clearly needs a hug.

This one is more fun than it is embarrassing but I thought it should deserve a place in this list just to give you a good laugh because it sure made me happy. This was a good example of a great bathroom selfie. You have a beautiful girl taking a selfie in a clean and nice bathroom. The girl probably was thinking the same when she uploaded it. All in all, I would be pretty embarrassed by a picture like this but also happy that I would have captured it at the perfect moment so that I and my friends would have a good laugh over the outcome.

When I look at this photo there is a thing other than the obvious one that is wrong. The image is blurred on the edges which mean Black girl taking selfie in bathroom naked the girl edited it before uploading it.

On top of that, it just seems ridiculous and stupid. I will give it to them, the description cracked me up! Apart from that, there are so many disturbing things about this selfie. They seem to be making fun of the morbid occasion that was happening at the same time they were taking a selfie fake-crying in the bathroom. There is not even a sample of respect. But to upload it on the internet, that is just a bad idea, especially when you have a mirror on the door reflecting you taking a dump.

I think it is safe to say that this photo was staged because it is pretty damn obvious Granny and boy fucking wanted to include both herself and her friend in the picture. Next time better be more respectful to yourself and your friend before throwing the picture in the stream of the internet.

Some do that by watching a movie and others drink a glass of wine. But some Black girl taking selfie in bathroom naked have the desire to take a long bubble bath or just a hot shower to get rid of the built up tension.

That is the case in that selfie. That is why you must always check if there is someone else in the bathroom apart from you before you take a selfie. Please support TheClever so we can continue providing you with great content! Please whitelist TheClever or disable your ad blocker to continue. Black girl taking selfie in bathroom naked this popup and browse for 2 minutes.

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