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One team strips, another is foiled and Franked again. A part of me has come to really enjoy Ryan and Abbie. The airline stuff. The miserable organ challenge in the rain tonight. Ryan getting caked in mud. And, then, of course, the U-Turn. When Abbie threw her body onto that stranger for three hugs and cried on her shoulder I nearly cried myself.

The Race has not been particularly kind to this team recently. Back in the first leg, they got some help from Amy and Daniel, then overtook them in a footrace to the Pit Stop where they won the leg and the shot at the two million dollar prize.

Fair enough. Just part of the game, right? Yet, tonight, when others played the game and it happened to Amazing race nude girls against Abbie and Ryan, they were flabbergasted and morally offended. It was just The Chips daring to be — nay, forcing themselves Amazing race nude girls be — competitive.

In fact, at the top of the leg, Ryan was all competitive bluster himself. The entitlement there is off the charts. Ryan claims the Chippendales cost him two million dollars, which is, of course, bananas on so many Top tollywood sex naked. No, to France!

No, Amsterdam! Amazing race nude girls France then? Nonstop talking about France! Man, was there a lot of tension in the air tonight. The U-Turn was looming and it had everyone on edge. The Twins flew through Rome after pleading with the ticketing agent to sell them an itinerary with just an hour layover. Guess not, but their travel went off as awesomeballs as they could have hoped, and they were the first to land in Amsterdam.

The Chips snagged two of the three remaining seats on a direct flight that landed about 45 Amazing race nude girls later. Once Team Texas figured out which country they were going to, they flew via Larnaca and landed less than an hour later after that. Abbie and Ryan, who were wary about connecting through Frankfurt again or ever even speaking of hotdogs, booked two Amazing race nude girls out of Frankfurt just in case, which was a fancy and smart move that I never realized was allowed.

Of course since Frankfurt is a black hole for Abbie and Ryan, they ended up missing their first connecting flight and having their second one delayed for mechanical reasons.

It was a bittersweet reunion Chubby young fat teen this little family of stragglers. The foursome seemed rejuvenated at the sight of one another yet deflated to once again be the little family of stragglers.

Abbie and Ryan were especially down. The Beekmans are ultra non-competitive and just seem to be having a blast meeting people and traveling around loving each other. But for Abbie and Ryan, this was supposed to be their leg to get back on top. Where they belong. For the second time this season, the Twins were smeared in fish. Would you say this challenge was grosser or less gross than the frog fallopian tubes?

I cannot even think about it enough to vote; my gag reflex kicked in watching both. I feel it might have ended badly for them. Plus, this way Chips had the stomach for that fun little jaunt down the canal in a motorboat and the platter of poffertjes.

Organ to Grind was similar to the tea-selling roadblock back in Istanbul, except that in this challenge, the location looked to be kind of desolate, and racers had to try to get their tips while selling nothing other than the excruciating, mind-numbing sound of organ music. Have Jaymes do this one! I immediately thought, remembering how frustrating and underwhelming James was at the tea challenge. Thankfully Jaymes did take the reins, and halfway through the task realized that hopping around asking for tips was not as effective as hopping around asking for tips without a shirt on would be.

So the boys did away with their tops and opened their sterilized packages of Chippendales-issued? Meanwhile, having completed the Fast Forward in no time at all, the Twins were off to the Pit Stop before most of the teams were even racing in earnest. Clothes shopping! The Chippendales moved on to Museum Geelvinck, whose peaceful, lush garden housed the next clue and the ominous U-Turn board.

The arrangement discussed previously with the Twins and Texas was that the first team to get there would U-Turn Abbie and Ryan, and the next team to arrive would waste the second U-Turn by slapping it on whichever team issued the Amazing race nude girls U-Turn.

Stop typing the word U-Turn! So much heartache. He did it! In the end, I thought he went for it less because of any pact and more because did saw Abbie and Ryan as the biggest threat of any team. More antics, please!

Abbie was right at home, though, scooting the various characters into position like she was blocking dancers onstage for a piece. I also really enjoyed the way her voice was muffled through all that Amazing race nude girls hair. Abbie Amazing race nude girls so over this — for real now, you guys.

The despondent team then headed out into the rain to do that wretched organ challenge, where there were now basically zero passersby on the street. Abbie, faux-joyfully dancing and on the verge of tears the entire time, was devastating. And Amazing race nude girls hug!

Best moment of the episode. I guess he could afford to offer it since it was moot. Race on, sweet fellows. It is some funny, outrageous shiz. What about that Switchback Roadblock? Amazing race nude girls only wish we could have seen the Twins tackle that challenge. Imagine Amazing race nude girls hoopla!

I did. Anyone think the Beekman Boys should have waited for their partners in crime? And what did you think of the Chippendales use of the U-Turn? Are Trey and Lexi Amazing race nude girls more and more invisible to you like they are to me?

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