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In fact, they use the same material that diaper service infant Adult cloth diaper youth are made of. One big advantage to using flat diapers is that you can avoid the problems some people associate with overly thick diapers such as puffy lines or long drying times. A large rectangle or square of one thickness of flannelette, terry or gauze.

A series of folds are needed to make this type of diaper fit your baby. But by folding them yourself, they become the most versatile diaper. You can put the thickness where your baby needs it most. This is more time-consuming, but many parents like them better because they are the quickest to dry and the most economical! When you look closely at a birdseye diaper, you will see a diamond shaped weave pattern in the fabric.

This tightly woven material provides superior durability and absorbency. It is considered the most longest-wearing of all diaper fabrics. Also can be used as optical cleaning cloths, CD and record cleaning cloths, for shoe shine polishing rags and for general purpose cleaning and polishing rags.

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