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You need to be a logged-in member of the forums to see the videos and pictures in the posts. You can post pictures and videos up to MB. Privacy Terms. Sometimes it takes a minute for the chat to appear - thanks for your patience! You should be able to join as a guest if you prefer that - if you sign up for an iwebcam. Skip to content. Quick links. Stories, questions, tips, anything related to the glorious manly art of Type of men self fuck yourself.

If this is your first visit to the forums please read the "announcement" posting in the self-suck forum. You need to join the forum to post a message. Now lets get fucking! I think our new members are asking this quite a bit and all of us have a different style of how to do this. I put my penis on the left side and under while semi-soft to semi hard but not too hard with my right hand and hold it there. I slide my left hand under my right hand and basically sit down till my hands hit the floor and use the floor for leverage and help to get it in.

Note: I push in with my fingers near the back of the hole, while sliding them foward to try to get it in. You could also press directly on the hole, if well lubed and you are not nervous, and thats an easier way uncut would probably have to do the sliding, which i mentioned first. That is how I do it, I find it the easiest position out of all of them that i've read about and a whole lot easier than the laying down position. If you can fit your fingers in and such, remember how relaxed you are when you do that, and try to calm yourself enough to try with your dick.

What also helps is keeping your mind off it while you're trying, that's how I actually got mine in the very first time, it took my mind off it, thus I was not nervous. Hope that helps, hope others post about this too! Last edited by texastwister on Sun May 24, pm, edited 2 times in total. Will get my partner to take some pics of me sfing ASAP. Meanwhile, here's my method. Although originally I discovered sfing standing up, it works for me best when lying on my back.

An easy chair works better than a bed or sofa, but any of these will do. I pull both balls to the right, pull my cock to the left and down, and with the help of lube Type of men self fuck the head into my hole. With an 8x5 cock that is never a problem, even when totally soft. Best lube is saliva, next best is aloe gel.

Anything too slippery defeats the purpose as the dick pops out as soon as I get it in. Where my experience differs from everyone else's here Type of men self fuck seen in the clips and various descriptions is that my ass really takes over at this point.

If I try Type of men self fuck ram my cock in and out of the hole as in Al's movies and other clips posted here it's either too hard or too soft. Too hard, it pops out instantaneously. Too soft, and I can't use it as a fleshy dildo.

This involves holding my dick in place while humping up and down with my ass, riding it. Although the pleasure is spectacular, I have yet Type of men self fuck cum this Type of men self fuck. But then, I have yet to cum up my partner's hole either.

After decades of jacking, I've gotten so habituated to the feel of my hand that it's very hard to cum any other way. You guys have changed my sex life. Used to fuck myself every month or two, but have been banging my hole very day since seeing all your hot pics and Type of men self fuck. If I didn't allow myself to cum by hand, surely within a week or so I'd get a self-cumload just like you guys.

But that takes a certain amount of self-discipline. Sooner or later, Your fan in the Carolina Triad. What is the size of your dick? How to do yourself. I will post pics of my last 24 hour orgasm. Big woman naked sex american couldn't go more than a few hours without it.

I fucking love it. I have used it for over 20 years safely and with a HUGE degree of satisfaction. I have shot enough cum through that most excellent toy to fill up several large oil tankers.

You can't argue with a butt load of Cum. Nor, the feeling of getting a blow job from wihin. Oh and for those not endowed with at least 5 inches or more. Good Luck guys and ask away for any advice. Now go do the right thing. Re: How to do yourself. That is such a HOT pic!!! Scott Jack22 wrote: Well it's been Type of men self fuck while since I posted anything here, and in place of me repeating some very good tips and instructions.

Anyway I can fist fuck myself pretty easy I really know how to control my Naked bbw thick ass sphincter So I decided to ff myself then try sfing I have a 7" cut cock So I went to the bathroom and started loosining up my hole, so I got way to hard at first so I waited till it got soft again, then I started trying to push my cock up my hole by following what Kwalker said to do and after a few times it fucking worked!!!

I was so happy, the only bad thing was that I came really Type of men self fuck cuz I was so horny beforhand I want to thank the creater of this site cuz this is the greatest thing ever can't Type of men self fuck till I do this again hope I'll last longer So glad I found this site!! Kwalker wrote: How I do it is I kneel on the floor, with both knee's in front of me and my feet are behind my butt. Sounds kind of like the way dogs can get stuck when they're fucking because the "knot" on their cocks get stuck inside Can you post some pics or video to show us how you're doing this?

I just can't seem to get my hole to open up enough for it. If I push it against the hole too long or too hard I just get sore and soft. Any tips on how to get it in or how to loosen up my hole? I used some lube but saliva seems to work better so far. I'd really like to do this. If you guys can help me I'll post some pics of me doing it for you.

Board index All times are Type of men self fuck. Hook up with self-suckers and self-fuckers in solosuck. OK - I'm trying out a new kind of chat - give it a try and let me know how it works!. The entire contents of this Website are copyright A. About My Videos. Video clips. Buy DVDs.

Buy Video Downloads. Other Solo-suckers. Sex-Toy Store. I used to have this problem too I could only cum if I jacked myself off It was a HUGE load! And since then I've been able to So my advice to you is to focus, not on your hand, but on the feeling, the pleasure of it all You'll prolly feel your cock convulse about 5 times before you finally stop cumming Men who swallow Type of men self fuck. Men's solosex - share how you get off.

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