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Reaction to my article today about Stickam. But a few commentators have Sex stickam webcam videos, pointing out that pornographic and kid-friendly Web sites have always lived side by side on the Internet. Perhaps some more Sex stickam webcam videos will help sort this out. For the last two years, Stickam has not been up front about its real heritage. Web cam sites, like live chat rooms, cannot be practically monitored since the action occurs in real time.

And unlike video hosting sites, offending videos can only be removed after the fact — after an adult, Sex stickam webcam videos example, has exposed himself to underage kids. So parents must rely on the company providing the free service to be an honest, straightforward and reliable guardian of its online forum.

By keeping its porn ties in the dark, Stickam is indicating that it may not be worthy of this trust. That brings us to the second, more serious problem. Even if it is not worthy of trust, can it still do a good job of keeping its Web site clean? He alleged Sex girl nude urenal Stickam employees, some of whom also work for the porn sites, ignore and delete abuse e-mails from users and do not take the predator threat seriously.

Stickam says Mr. Becker has an agenda. Go onto Stickam. Go into some of the group chats. You can decide for yourself whether Stickam is a good guardian of the online activities of teenagers.

And whether that should matter. What do you want more of? Send us e-mail at f eedback nytimes. I have personally witnessed such activity in one particular users room, after receiving the link from a teenage family friend.

After I sent the letters of complaint, which I have done from a few different names, MY accounts were terminated. Stickam refuses to follow their OWN rules. My best suggestion is make an account — and pose Sex stickam webcam videos a kid — but use common sense. This will open up a whole new opportunity for guys like this. The big story here is that a supposed journalist is willing to engage in a hit job when he needs a story.

All you did was allow Mr. Becker to make good on his obvious thread. We know for a fact that children have been sexually abused by people met through MySpace. Do you do any fact checking whatsoever or just print anything anyone tells you if it helps your story? We must remember that the internet itself is a place for criminals, pedophiles, and fraudsters to hide. While the internet should NOT be regulated since it is one of our only sources of pure and uncensored content, Amateur teeny lovers having sex must be careful in how we teach our children to judge dangerous situations on Sex stickam webcam videos internet.

It is amazing to see such ignorant comments left in regards to this blog- I doubt anyone with such a stance has visited SticKam. If one did so, they would see 14 year old boys and girls actively masturbating on cam with each other- not to forget with the swarm of older men and even women that Sex stickam webcam videos in the chatroom to watch and expose themselves as well.

People, especially parents and guardians, obviously understand that the internet is risky for children. Think back to when you were a teenager Sex stickam webcam videos child, and the material or interactions that you had sexually- could government or organizations have prevented that?

It is most important to teach our children to be independent and competent judges for themselves- just as you did Sex stickam webcam videos children when you sneaked into an X rated film, or borrowed your older brothers pornographic movie. So in your previous article about Stickam, you talked only nice things about the site cause it was suitable for Mr Alex Depardille or Becker or whomever he pretends to name himself in this world.

And the odd thing is it wa sonly cause back then Mr Becker used to work Sex stickam webcam videos Stickam also.

Irony Sex stickam webcam videos And as a previous user said. You are nothing but a kissing ass person. Did you lie to Brad Stone about your history with Stickam?

Brad Stone: Are you going to make any correction about this? Will you detail what fact-checking you have done? The very definition of yellow journalism. Did you accept some form of bribe from Mr. In addition to online solicitation, I am very concerned about the possible commercial uses of the video content that users post. There is plenty of sexual content readily available on Stickam, and apparently no restriction of how this content can be used by others. In the meantime parents need to know that this site is apparently unmonitored and clearly Hot nude girls oil massage appropriate for anyone under I have also heard from other staff members that s of emails were deleted a day!

Brad Stone: Grow Up! It reads like some bad Oprah Winfrey show. Writing this article gives credence to those who would say that you are ignorant.

Business has always had crossovers between adult and non-adult appropriate material. Kraft American Cheese is made by the same people who make Marlboro Cigarettes.

Oreo Cookies were once made by the same people who make Camel Cigarettes. Sea World is owned by the same people who own Budweiser Beer. Swingers clubs in gosford Hotels sells in-room access to porn movies.

Better yet, they should turn off the computer and take their kids outside for some physical activity. If this Alex really wants to Sex stickam webcam videos children, I hope he is volunteering his time at an outreach facility. Was he more offended by the dangers posed to children or by his low salary? What C Darrow Sex stickam webcam videos to mention and convienently forgets is that Kraft and Marlboro do not share the same office space and employees and their involvement is public knowledge allowing customers to make informed Sex stickam webcam videos. AVC on the other hand masquerades as a conference software producer.

If it was not ashamed of its porn business it would state what it did. They would be upfront with their partners and businesses they sign deals with. Remember this is not a share in a website this is their entire business model. Anyone who spends an evening on Stickam can see that their dedicated team of monitors does not give a hoot what goes on the site.

Who seriously believes that an employee who spent yesterday editing porn videos can monitor inappropriate behaviour on a site that caters to teens as young as I am a Stickam user and have talked to Alex on many occasion, including Will above. On Every Conversation with him and his Staff, He was always helpful Sex stickam webcam videos kind. I have witnessed The Same Complaints and problems that stickam has had in the past year. It is true that They Delete and ignore users. Their Site has not been improved for the last 6 months.

I have Heard many of them Complain that the staff at Stickam do not support the community and that the Users have Genuine Respect for Alex Becker and his staff.

I put my Support alongside Alex and not for Stickam. Actions Speak loudly, and people recognize what is true. There was never anything written about the employees working for both the adult sites and Stickam. From what I can tell they seem to be completely different employees that just share the same office space.

Get your facts straight if youre gonna publish them. Due to confidentiality contracts, I cannot publicly state any further information. However, Brad is welcome to remove the subject Naked women in hot tub nude to our patents.

I will indicate a general statement: Patents are usually written under Sex stickam webcam videos corporations name. SticKam was not the name of the original seed corporation I was a partner in.

Most importantly, my involvement has nothing to do with the point of this article. A common point everyone is missing is that Stickam nor AVC is liable for content on their site posted by other users- that was made clear in a court case years ago.

It is also a parents responsibility to monitor children. However, I am still ashamed that SticKam does not provide better safeguards for young users. Having a friend who works at Stickam and knew Mr Becker I am surprised it took this long for the porn connection to be uncovered.

It has been making the rounds online among Stickam users. I mean really what startup Mom and son xxx toon dirty comic an audience of less than 7 hundred thousand users manages to lease the most expensve office space in LA without ever generating revenue or raising capital.

And you should see the salaries of these people seriously. I made a mistake going to law school because apparently AVC pays you more for doing nothing than I get working 16 hour days. Some off the staff I talked too, were pretty messed up, Alex tried his best to stop all this, but in the end it seems it got to much and he had to come out and tell people the TRUTH about sticma failing to protect young kids.

See next articles. Webcam site Stickam. John P. Are you flat-out lying? I wrote about my concerns on CNET. William Hooper.

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