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  1. she reminds me of my ex . she loved to dance around before having any kind of sex. then it was anything goes.

  2. You mean a thick fantasy. damn baby! can we be friends?

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What Girl big boobs cleavage it with these stupid looking "combovers" these girls have? Their attractiveness has definitely gone downhill. Glad she was the first picture so I could move on to the rest. I'd still jerk off on her fat tits though. Innuendos 4TW! She has got to be the hottest chic I've ever seen. Does anyone know who she is or where I can see her. She's still epically sexy in the orignal though.

You sir are a little slow, it just mean she has big tits now therefore back problems later. Directed at her bf…. Actually the dude should have put future in quotes and left out the F after current. How have the grammar nazi's not tackled this already? From the makers of Soylent Green comes Quaker's Organs! Chock full of your favorite human organs, fresh from the bodies of many, many orphans!

Do Your Tits Hang Low? Are Your Tits Real Small? Are Your Tits Just Right? Are Your Blouses Kinda Tight? Big body girls hit xxx the Boys Throw Fits? Do Your Tits Go Squish? Girl big boobs cleavage Your Man's Pecker Stand? Are Your Tits Real Hard? Do Your Tits Have Hair? Are Your Tits Really Real? Guiness just because you like Jesus's cock doesn't mean you need to put down Ubdilly for speaking the truth.

Wait, left hand doing what??? I would massage her Girl big boobs cleavage ever night before she goes to bed then lay my head on those two lovely pillows. I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Upload Profile. Like this post? Lol does no one else realize this one is a fail? And I would like that jizzim up my fellow Chiver! Yeah, the one baby arm makes her extra hot! If u noticed it was photoshopped well then…. Giants Fan. Also…Hmmm three watermelons.

Just find! There's a watermelon in this pic???? Sarah Jessica Girl big boobs cleavage. Meant I would love to look like her. She looked hotter in the one posted up here originally then the ones in that link. She looks Girl big boobs cleavage when she isn't trying so hard. I beg to differ, the 3rd to last picture is just…something special. HHmmmmmmm Ummmmah. Devil's Advocate. I don't think it's shopped, just a curtain and a mirror behind her. She is a cunt. She's actually ridiculously nice.

I was friends with her at UF…. Bill Boner. Yeah, I'd like to tongue punch that fart box as well. Nice way to wake up. Now kiss. MFC LexiFrench on the right? Freddo What a great party. Jennifer Leonardi. Hideous Hose-Beast. Want to suck your Girl big boobs cleavage. He's saying she already has back problems. Current Future Lower Back Problems? The acronym would have to be CLBP would it not?

I think your girlfriend was right. You should listen to her. Are her lips permanently like that? Agreed, fat as fuck and ugly as sin! Your girl friend's boyfriend is an idiot. Girl big boobs cleavage looks stout enough to handle the extra weight. Screw all these other assholes. I'd stick Girl big boobs cleavage dick in those things all god damn day.

Tooo Fat. Not too fat, still has a horse face though. King Kong. Best way to start a week!!! Love girls with FLBP. HOLY mother of god. NZ Chiver. Nice melons. The watermelons look tasty too.

Does the box on the table say "Quaker's Organ"? Probably missing the "ic". ANd the Jackie O art on the wall is pretty sweet too. The Bandit. CA Chiver. My Girl big boobs cleavage favorite as well. Boobs are great. Yana Defi, by the way. Jana Defi. Yo Mamma. Ouch, none of that could possibly feel good.

Tying boobs in a knot? Hot damn I love titties that aren't fake!!! Love those big soft, hanging titties but she would scare a dog off a dropped hamburger. The most gorgeous woman,,WOW! You're an idiot. Your opinion sucks. My thoughts exactly. Thank God for knowledgeable men like you sir, bless you. Yes, thank Google for Google Images.

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