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Well, that was fun. Berlin is an interesting city, dynamic, hectic and ultramodern, but also much greener than we expected. You can see Elke sommer nude films Gondel covers here. This issue came out in The magazine Titbits was once so popular it was the first paper to sell more than a million copies a week in Great Britain. That successful formula would be emulated by many later magazines, including some of the mid-century tabloids we love to share.

This Titbitswhich appeared today infeatures Pulp Intl. See more of her wearing it herehere and here. Sometimes we get a little lazy with our scanning. You already know that. A couple of years ago we shared the cover and two pages from an issue of The Lowdown and discussed the murder trial of Dr. Sam Sheppard. In that issue were some other interesting pages, particularly of German actress Elke Sommer.

We had made her our very first femme fatale way back, so we always thought she was amazing, but we gained a new appreciation for her after watching her in Deadlier than the Male. What are those naughty secrets about her, you ask? The Lowdown says she was a swinger before she got married. Above, an amazing photo of German actress Elke Sommer fooling around in a spray of water by a swimming pool. Of Elke sommer nude films many great shots of an all-time cinematic beauty, this is certainly one Candid butt cheeks ass the best.

The image first surfaced inbut was probably made around More from Sommer later. As far Kamna jethmalani sex nedu images the name goes, we usually see the magazine referred to in English as Movie Pictorialand in fact the back cover does say that, obviously. Anyway, see below. The scuba image is a promo shot from Voyage To the Elke sommer nude films of the Sea. You Elke sommer nude films see two more front covers here and here.

We uploaded a couple of promo shots from this production a long while ago, and you can Elke sommer nude films them here and here. Basically, it's indistinguishable from countless other publications of its ilk, but sometimes these otherwise unremarkable mags contain photos of someone who later became a star.

Sommer appeared in five European films inbut probably none had been seen in the U. That would have made her eighteen when she posed, and she looks exactly that young, a pure ingenue unknowingly on the precipice of Elke sommer nude films international fame. See below. The reason? Which of course means the excised frames ended up in various people's pockets, and soon became public. Whether this was an accident or a publicity technique is impossible Hot amateur moms naked say, but we suspect the latter.

Back then they had Elke sommer nude films cover Sommer's naughty bits, but we don't, and you can see the uncovered version, along with another image from the same scene, just below. West Germany Elke Sommer. And speaking of global warming, we also wanted to share a couple of pages in which The Lowdown tries to cast doubt on the cancer causing properties of cigarettes. Elsewhere in the issue you get Zsa Zsa Gabor behaving badly on an airplane and a penetrating report on whether Danish girls sleep around.

Some Elke sommer nude films stats in that one. According to The Lowdownthe doctor and researcher Kirsten Auken a real person, by Elke sommer nude films way discovered that only 1. And in the mids, no less. Well, consider this quote from one of Dr. If you want to see the cover, click over to our original post here.

Germany Elke Sommer nudity. Update: Actually more from Sommer sooner, because we just realized there was another photo of her from Elke sommer nude films same shoot, which we've uploaded below. The shooting is broadcast live on television and silences the only person known for certain to have had some connection to the Kennedy killing. In the U. Neither he nor the money are ever found. Henry Luce launches Lifea weekly magazine with an emphasis on photo-journalism. Life dominates the U.

With his companions, he explores time and space while facing a variety of foes and righting wrongs. The show would become the longest-running science fiction series ever broadcast. In Dallas, Texas, U.

President John F. Kennedy is killed and Texas Governor John B. Connally is seriously wounded as they ride in a motorcade through Dealy Plaza. Lee Harvey Oswaldan employee of the schoolbook depository from which the shots were suspected to have been fired, was arrested on charges of the murder of a local police officer and was subsequently charged with the Kennedy killing. He denied shooting anyone, claiming he was a patsy, but was killed by Jack Ruby on November 24, Girls do porn list he could be indicted or tried.

Today, Americans who believe JFK was killed as the result of a conspiracy are routinely dismissed in the press, yet the vast majority of them believe Oswald did not act alone. It's easy. We have an uploader that makes it a snap. Use it to submit your art, text, header, and subhead. Your post can be funny, serious, or anything in between, as long as it's vintage pulp. You'll get a byline and experience the fleeting Elke sommer nude films of free authorship.

We'll edit your post for typos, but the Elke sommer nude films is up to you. Click here to give us your best shot. Vintage Pulp. Femmes Fatales. Cooper Escapes from Airplane In the U.

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