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Using our top of the line GSSI and Hilti ground penetrating radar equipment we will locate buried obstructions such as rebar, tension cables, conduits, voids, or pipes, in concrete before we cut or core drill.

CanWest will be on your site within hours of your call to quickly scan large sections of concrete. Our ground radar technology creates a Can gpr penetrate cement, three-dimensional image that makes job planning a snap.

GPR scanning technology is faster and safer than radiography X Rayswhich uses radiation for concrete scanning. Additionally, we can perform concrete testing through a depth of up to 18 inches and only need access to one side of the structure. Call us today for your ground penetrating radar needs. Services in Calgary, Edmonton, and surrounding areas. Download our brochure. Our scanner locates water lines, voids in concrete, in floor heating lines, power lines, computer lines, fibre optics, etc.

Our new smaller scanning head gives greater definition in finding hard to see objects such as water pipes and voids in the concrete. We have also done several large scanning jobs on bridges to locate rebar before concrete milling.

We have references available for any type of scanning you may need. StructureScan Optical has revolutionized 3D data collection by simplifying an often-complicated survey process while providing the most accurate results in the GPR industry. Call CanWest for all your Concrete Anchoring Installs CanWest will be on your site within hours of your call to quickly scan large sections of concrete.

Green dots: plastic targets. Typical Uses for Structure Scan Can gpr penetrate cement include: Concrete inspection — locate metallic and non-metallic targets in walls, floors Structure inspection — bridges, monuments, walls, towers, tunnels Balconies, garages, decks Condition assessment — map relative concrete condition for rehab planning Ceiling inspection Measure slab thickness Void location Locate rebar, post tension cables, conduits PVC and metal in real time Most accurate GPR data results on the market Instant 3D data collection No site hazards or need to close off work areas as with radiography X-Ray.

Scanning to locate rebar and power Ron lizard lick north carolina before cutting or coring A grid is marked out where the scanning Can gpr penetrate cement to be done.

The orange lines indicate where coring cannot be done rebar or utilities etc. Home Commercial. CanWest will contact you within Can gpr penetrate cement hours.

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