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Tell us a bit about yourself! Was there a specific moment when you realized that you wanted to get them reduced? Was your surgery covered by your health insurance? What happens during a breast reduction surgery? How long did it take you to recover from your surgery?

How have the people in your life reacted to your new breasts? He was so nice and gave me an empathetic hug. How is your life different now? And my Breast removed for punishment fit! What advice would you give to anyone else considering breast reduction? True Story: I had my Breast removed for punishment implants removed. Thanks you for doing this! I have been thinking about getting a breast reduction for years, and your Breast removed for punishment really helped.

I appreciate it! It's nice to hear a story from the other side of it as well. I myself have only a A-cup and it's bothered me throughout my teenage years seeing so many busty girls around. I've learned to accept them, but stories like this make me realise I haven't got it too bad with these little ones.

Glad to hear it worked out so well for you! This is an interesting story, thanks so much for sharing! However, it Breast removed for punishment be great if you would let us know your underbust band measurements as well — without it the letter F or Breast removed for punishment or A doesn't mean much.

I mean, a 28F is way smaller than a 38F. Their smallest band would Breast removed for punishment twice around my ribcage. I can relate about the frustration trying to find bras. But it's so sad to hear that it Breast removed for punishment to the point that you're willing to surgically alter your body because a store doesn't carry your correct size. Big bummer. I think a lot of it is North America's total lack of education on bra sizing.

DD is not really big as Eternal Voyageur mentioned and it's more about the band size we often wear them too loose. Anywho, I rant about it on my blog. She did not resort to surgery because Victoria's Secret did not carry her size, she resorted to surgery because she was in so much pain and discomfort.

VS bras are made cheaply anyways, even A cups should invest in professional fitted bras. My problem started in the 3rd grade. I was the one they called Dolly. I hated it. I had to have multiple surgeries on both due to stopped up milk glands. I cannot remember Breast removed for punishment medical term now. I have wanted a reduction since high school. I work but I am a divorced,single mother therefore i have to rely on Breast removed for punishment as insurance.

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. Part of it is so much like mine I had to tell you I feel the pain you did. I'm a 36GG. Luckily I don't have back problems. The best thing I've found is to get the right sized bra. I order through Bravissimo out of the UK.

They're more expensive than normal stores, but so worth it. I almost cried when I found a bathing suit in my size. I no longer have to wear a cover up to the beach! And a good bra makes you look thinner, too. Thank you so much Breast removed for punishment sharing your story, Cassie.

I have wanted to get my breast reduced for a long time. I have size G breasts on a 5"4 frame. I have never heard someone speak so openly and frankly about the process. Thank you so much for providing that for me. It has definitely led me to wanting to pursue breast reduction surgery again.

I am a 32 HH and I really love my breasts, I appreciate if you have pain and other problems but the social pressure to reduce breast size really bothers me. I remember at 16 a woman suggesting to me in a grocery store that I reduce my chest I said flat ou to her why not increase yours?! It makes me really angry that as women we are not more accepting of all sizes no one would dare tell a smalle chested woman to increase, in fact most people would compliment her and encourage her to love her form.

Women like me get attacked, I have been brought to ears myself by women threaened by my chest. We should make more effort as women to love and appreciate our peers not matter what their chest size, as any big chested woman will tell you we arent getting different Breast removed for punishment than other women with great legs, lips, hair etc Breast removed for punishment etc we are all beauiful! Cassie, thanks for sharing this!

I have been thinking about getting a breast reduction myself, but I guess I am scared of the possible complications. One thing I would be very curious to know more about is how it has changed your self-image. However much I hate the sagging and the back pain and everything else, Breast removed for punishment also believe having big breasts has shaped my self-image and sexuality.

I would be Breast removed for punishment to know how this would change by getting a reduction. Anyway, thanks again for sharing and it's great to hear such a positive story!

Best wishes from Holland, Maan www. I'll be having a reduction in less than a month and I'm a US 30G and 5,2. It's free since I live in Norway and I really look forward to getting rid of the back pain. As a gal with 34GG breasts, I'm always interested in hearing stories of women with similar issues.

I've considered getting a reduction off-and-on since I was a year old with DDs in my improperly-fitted bra, so I was probably actually an F then. I'm glad to hear yours turned out well, as there are some horror stories out there.

And I hear you on the running thing, I occasionally run but it is so uncomfortable! I am wondering if you attempted breastfeeding your kiddos, and if so, how did that go? My biggest debate now is before-or-after kids, since I'm 28 and my husband and I want to start trying in about a year.

I Breast removed for punishment definitely emphasize with Cassie's situation — being 5'2" with DD breasts finding bras and learning Breast removed for punishment to dress in ways that make me feel good and keep the attention off the girls has been a struggle.

I've never seriously considered surgery, and I doubt that I would — all of the potential side effects frighten me too much. Thanks so much for this. I have seriously considered getting a reduction in the past and am certainly not discounting it yet! I'm lucky enough that my city even has "cup-sized" bikini sets so that I am now able to own a cute, supportive bikini that fits my smallish frame and hugeish tatas.

That said, the back pain? It sucks. The boobs that throw you off balance when you run Breast removed for punishment even descend a flight of stairs? Super shitty. I've made my peace with them for now, but I'm definitely not closing any doors for a reduction in the future. Thanks for your story! With Optifit, many women decided to opt out of surgery once they have have been fitted professionally with their bras.

To the anonymous post asking about whether or not I breast fed my kids: Yes. With my daughter, I nursed her just three weeks. I nursed my son about four months. Both times, nursing was a lot of stress, since both the doctors and I were concerned about whether or not the babies were receiving enough milk. At each feeding, I nursed on both sides AND pumped afterward—to help stimulate more milk production.

I never did have an overabundance or extra milk supply stocking up in the freezer. With my second, who I nursed for four months, I decided to quit nursing and go to the bottle when he was still wanting to eat every 2. It became clear to me that he wasn't getting enough. My production could have varied for Breast removed for punishment handful of reasons, but I attribute most of it to the fact that I had the reduction.

Some women who have had a reduction are not able to nurse at all, so I was grateful for the time that I could, even though it was quite stressful at times. I thank you for your story. I had not thought of surgery even though I experienced straps digging in, trouble getting clothes to fit right, Breast removed for punishment. But the turning point for me was my pregnancy. I Breast removed for punishment went back down to my normal size either, I have stayed at a 32 F or G.

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